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Image: Name: Manufacturer: Make: Model: Price:
2016 Audi A8 4.0T (Tiptronic) 2016 Audi A8 4.0T (Tiptronic) $59995 Audi A8 0
C400 4MATIC *AMG Styling Pkg *Premium Pkg C400 4MATIC *AMG Styling Pkg *Premium Pkg 39877 Mercedes C-Class 0
Engine shine Engine shine 0
Exterior Wash Exterior Wash 0
Interior Wash Interior Wash 0
Head-lights polish Head-lights polish 0
Tire/Rims 0
Paint sealing 0
Clay Wax 0
DF1035 DF1035 $46,900 Jaguar XJ XJL&XJR 0
DF1034 CALL !! Audi SQ5 0
DF1033 CALL !! Audi S5 0
DF1032 CALL !! BMW X6 0
DF1031 CALL !! BMW 435i 0
DF1030 CALL !! BMW 528i 0
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This is our purchaser’s watch list; thousands of vehicles are available to us in our wholesale network through captive finance, manufactures, wholesalers, etc. On a weekly basis there are only a limited amount of units that will meet our expectations. We invest based on price, condition, kilometers and previous history, which equates to value. We consistently shop for the best value and so should you.

In our “Deal Finder-Purchaser’s Watch List”, you will find vehicles that our purchaser has personally hand picked and entered into this list. All the vehicles are deemed to be accurate and available at the time of posting. Units may be sold without notice, since most units are from our wholesale network. If the posting date is longer than 2 weeks, it is most likely sold.

Sometimes wholesale inventory can be sold within the first 24 hours of posting or may still be available up to a week later. This list of inventory is not currently owned by Silverzinc Motors; however all the vehicles listed are available to us for purchase at the time of posting. If there is an interest in any of the units, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can provide you with the exact details to your onroad investment.

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